Noelle and Malachi Noelle is a refugee whose family fled violence in Liberia. Charlottesville was completely different from the world they knew, but the family soon made it home. Her parents found work, while Noelle and her 2 sisters started school. 

Noelle became pregnant while in high school. She knew very little about the importance of prenatal care, but a United Way-funded program at Jefferson Area CHIP made sure she got good care, remained in school, and delivered a healthy baby boy, Malachi.

Noelle’s father died suddenly, leaving her mother to raise and support 3 daughters and baby Malachi on her hotel housekeeper’s salary. Noelle considered dropping out of school to take care of her son, but a United Way Early Learner Scholarship enabled Malachi to be cared for at a loving, quality provider who even picked him up in the morning, enabling Noelle and her sisters to stay in school.

Noelle worked hard and graduated with recognition from Charlottesville High School in 2017. She received a scholarship to PVCC and is excited to continue her education.

Noelle was injured by the car crash in downtown Charlottesville on August 12. She is recovering, but Malachi has been worried about his mother, refusing to leave her to go to school. Now that she is doing better, he is back at school and performing well. 

United Way is honored to have been able to provide a continuum of support for this family that has a bright future full of opportunity.