Help Us Be Prepared in Case of a Disaster

Emergencies can occur without any warning. Our community wants to be as prepared as possible, and we have a community-wide disaster recovery plan that includes dozens of local agencies and nonprofits.

Do you think YOU could help during a disaster or other community-wide emergency? That’s great!

Register now, so you can be quickly and safely deployed when the need arises.

During the first few hours following a disaster, emergency response agencies can be overwhelmed by spontaneous volunteers.

“People are really inspired to help during a crisis, which is absolutely wonderful.” said Caroline Emerson, Vice President of Community Engagement for the United Way – Thomas Jefferson Area. “However, if we already know whom to expect and how they can help, we can deploy these good folks so much more effectively and safely. Well-meaning people who show up unannounced must be accounted for carefully, or they can become victims themselves.”

The United Way helps local emergency responders and relief organizations coordinate unaffiliated volunteers by maintaining a roster of people who can be called upon to fill specific needs. The registration form asks a few simple questions about your skill sets, the languages you speak, the equipment and vehicles you know how to operate, and so on.

Do you know how to drive a backhoe? Speak Spanish? Use a chain saw? Provide first aid? Are you fit enough to help search for a missing person over rough terrain? Or would you rather work behind the scenes, answering phones or setting up a shelter? There’s sure to be a role that suits you.

All you need to do now is fill out the form. There’s no training, no background check, and no interview. In the event of a disaster, you may get a call to action.

Sign up today. It only takes a few minutes. Ask your friends to do it, too.