Our family investment program works to help families reduce debt, set aside savings, and work towards financial stability. We support qualified families with personalized work plans to achieve and maintain financial stability. Nominations are reviewed, and approved recipients receive financial resources, financial coaching, and mentorship in order to reduce debt, set aside savings, and make progress on their individualized plans to reach financial independence.

  • 12 families currently enrolled
    • 2018: 2 families
    • 2019: 4 families
    • 2020: 6 families
  • Value of existing plans: $139,179
  • $59,821 encumbered for winter/spring 2021 nominations for 6 more families
  • Balance remaining: $5,000 which serves as an emergency fund for unforeseen circumstances

Multiply Your Impact

For every $1 given to the United Way’s Financial Stability programs, $30 is returned to the community.