Driving Lives Forward

A partnership between the United Way & Carter-Myers Automotive

Driving Lives Forward is a new transportation initiative that connects economically-disadvantaged individuals and families with reliable vehicles and affordable auto loan financing. This program is designed to help individuals and families move toward greater financial resiliency and advance career opportunities.

“While working with UWGC for years on the self-sufficiency initiative, it was clear that lack of reliable and affordable transportation was a roadblock for many families in our community.  As an auto dealer and a community partner, I felt strongly that we needed to be a part of the solution. Our non-profits had ways to help these families with childcare, job skills, housing and other steps towards self-sufficiency but we didn’t have a solution to the transportation challenge. Through many brainstorming sessions, Driving Lives Forward was created.”

Liza Borches

President & CEO, Carter-Myers Automotive

“Reliable transportation is often a massive barrier to work for economically-disadvantaged individuals and families and can therefore hinder them from accruing wealth. We’re excited to partner with CMA to offer a critical intervention for community members and continue to find sustainable ways to help them and their families scale financially.”

Ravi Respeto

President & CEO, United Way of Greater Charlottesville

Driving Lives Forward assists individuals who lack access to affordable transportation and are unable to maintain or become employed as a result. Pre-arrangements have been made for client referrals from two local programs to serve as the program’s pilot. The pilot will be opened to additional referring agencies as the system and funding is scaled. Upon referral an individual will apply with UWGC who shall serve as the program administrator and loan-maker. Approvals will go to Virginia National Bank (VNB) who will donate its loan administration process, and to CMA who will source affordable, reliable vehicles based on each family’s needs. Families will also receive insurance referrals with agents who have agreed to work with the program. This unique partnership relies on an equity framework to support families and individuals in the removal of transportation barriers as they seek progress on the road to economic resiliency. 

Multiply Your Impact

For every $1 given to the United Way’s Financial Stability programs, $30 is returned to the community.