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Health and Wealth

Dr. Ebony Hilton joins us on our first Envision show to talk about health equity, trailblazing in her field, and the weight and anxiety of being black in America amidst more and continued police violence. 

A History Lesson

Charlene Green joins us this week to talk about the importance of history to moving forward in Charlottesville and why affordable housing initiatives are so important when we talk about truly creating equitable outcomes.

Let's Code Switch

Daniel Fairley joins us in the studio to talk about black male achievement, what it’s like to be the only black guy in, yeah, all of your classes, and the cognitive energy it takes to code switch. All the time. Forever.

County Politics

Albemarle County Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Siri Russell, pops in this week to chat a little bit about county politics, the progress we’ve made on race here in town, and what the outlook is moving forward. 

Juvenile Justice

Executive Director of Conscious Capitalist Foundation and Charlottesville native, Robert Gray, sits down with us to talk about his work with the youth in Charlottesville and the strength of the school the prison pipeline.

Black History

Ravi and Price chat with Executive Direction of the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center Dr. Andrea Douglas about the importance of black history and culture, the work of the Heritage Center, and how to start to build a more equitable Charlottesville.

The Kids Are Alright

Ravi and Price caught up with serial entrepreneur and social innovator, Sarad Davenport, to talk about his work with City of Promise, the importance of education for our youth, and how to optimize the potential of all of our community members.

The Triple Threat

Ravi and Price sat down with owner and manager of The Tax Ladies, Libby Edwards-Allbaugh to talk about women in entrepreneurship, why Charlottesville might not be so bad, and why she’s going to now refer to herself as “the triple threat.

Way Of Wade

Juan Wade joined Ravi and Price to talk about the importance of mentorship, how to make ‘DEI’ a reality, and how to create and inspire the next generation of black leaders.

Expand Your Network

Ravi and Price caught up with serial entrepreneur Quinton Harrell to chat about diversity in the business community, networking, and more.

Equity and Education

Director of UVA’s Equity Center Ben Allen joined Price in the studio to chat about growing up in Charlottesville, equity in education, and oh no, someone said “critical race theory.”

What's Mine Is... Mine?

Price sat down with Ty Cooper, local entrepreneur and founder of Lifeview Marketing & Visuals to talk about the importance of culturally-diverse experiences, the popularity of HBCUs, and how artists can create both be inclusive and protect the authenticity of their culture.

The Next Generation

Ravi and Price sat down with local mentor Andre Key to learn about strengthening our youth, and importance of offering them diverse and culturally-relevant experiences. 

"Mighty" Is Heavy

Price talked to globally-renown artist Mighty Joshua the influence of art on the culture, how to make sustainable change, and what it means to be “mighty.” 

Food For Thought

Price and Ravi spent some time with Chef and Entrepreneur Antwon Brinson to talk about his culinary journey, the importance of representation, and local restaurant recommendations.

Haitian Flavor

Price and Ravi sat down with local entrepreneur and owner of Pearl Island Café and Catering, Sober Pierre, to chat about his journey in the restaurant business, the significance of food as a cultural proxy, and why on earth he didn’t bring us any Pikliz into the studio.