We’re proud to partner with a variety of mission-aligned organizations to help lift 1800 families out of poverty. From content creation, to data sharing, the success of this work is based on coordinated and cooperative initiatives, bringing to bear the strengths of each organization. 

Envision Radio

Partnership with NewsRadio 98.9 and 1070 WINA, Envision is a platform to have authentic and candid conversations about equity in the community, focused on economic mobility, wealth generation, and opportunities in education and health. Who is doing the work that you should know and what are their stories? What are the areas that need to continue to be addressed? What activity is there currently and what are some of the more promising initiatives in motion?

Brewnited Way

We’ve partnered with Three Notch’d Brewery to bring you the Envision Easy Drinking Lager 🍻 

Financial Resiliency Task Force

United Way of Greater Charlottesville serves as the administrative coordinator of the Financial Resiliency Task Force. The Task Force, comprised of 11 area agencies, seeks to identify and implement strategies to remove barriers impacting the financial stability of racial and ethnic minority families living in or near poverty; and looks forward to implementing its first work plan.

We’re honored to have the opportunity to work with committed and energetic individuals and organizations.