Building a more connected community through a deepened understanding of race and equity

The inaugural ENVISION Forum brought together diverse community members and featured speakers from K-12, higher education, and the business sector to provide actionable tips and recommendations for implementing DEI practices in daily life. 

“The ENVISION Forum got REAL…the speakers gave real-life examples, and it brought up all kinds of related issues…it generated thinking, curiosity, and definitely conversation.”  

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Cville Weekly

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Minority Business Alliance of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce

2:00pm - Mack McLellan: “Real Life DEI Navigation”

Mack explored engaging real-life experiences that will help all of us better understand our roles in making our communities safe spaces for all.

3:00pm - Sly Mata: “Everybody Hurts: the Accumulating Mental Health Impact of Systemic Racism and Racial Violence”

Sly helped audience members recognize the signs of being overburdened by the toll of watching the news, scrolling through social media, or hearing about the latest tragedy — and gave us tools for how we can help take better care of ourselves.

4:00pm - Cynthia Murray: “Being the Only ________ in the Room”

Cynthia took us on a journey of understanding the challenges that minority professionals face in the workplace. We learned how to recognize and avoid pitfalls and be sure that every valuable team member is included, utilized, and celebrated.

Keep an eye out for the 2nd annual ENVISION Forum in Spring 2024! 

For more information, contact Caroline Emerson, cemerson@unitedwaycville.org