Driving Lives Forward

A partnership with Carter-Myers Automotive

Driving Lives Forward is a new transportation initiative that connects economically-disadvantaged individuals and families with reliable vehicles and affordable auto loan financing. This program is designed to help individuals and families move toward greater financial resiliency and advance career opportunities.

Upon referral, an individual applies with United Way of Greater Charlottesville (UWGC), which serves as the program administrator and loan-maker. Approvals go to Virginia National Bank (VNB), which donates its loan administration process, and to Carter Myers Automotive (CMA), which sources affordable, reliable vehicles based on each family’s needs. Families also receive insurance referrals with agents who have agreed to work with the program.

Get to know Shanika, hear more about her story, and find out from her why reliable transportation has been so valuable for her and her family. 

Big thanks to Liza and Peter Borches, and Glenn Rust for their support and enthusiasm.