United Way of Greater Charlottesville serves as the administrative coordinator of the Financial Resiliency Task Force. The Task Force, comprised of 11 area agencies, seeks to identify and implement strategies to remove barriers impacting the financial stability of racial and ethnic minority families living in or near poverty; and looks forward to implementing its first workplan.

Financial Resiliency Task Force Members

United Way of Greater Charlottesville
Habitat for Humanity
Piedmont Housing Alliance
Albemarle County
Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority
New Hill Development Corp

PVCC Network to Work
MACAA (Monticello Area Community Action Agency)
CIC (Community Investment Collaborative)
Chamber of Commerce
Conscious Capitalists Group
City of Promise

Multiply Your Impact

For every $1 given to the United Way’s Financial Stability programs, $30 is returned to the community.